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Houston Data Recovery - Houston TX

Houston Data Recovery - Houston TX

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Professional Data Recovery in Houston

Houston Data Recovery is the only dedicated data recovery company based in the City of Houston. We provide valley residents with the fastest and most efficient data recovery service possible. We are Certified Data Recovery Engineers (CDRE) and have a Class 10 ISO 4 Clean Room facility and the most up to date data recovery equipment available.  

Certified Data Recovery Experts (CDRE)

Houston Data Recovery has SEC606 Certified Data Recovery Experts (CDRE). This means we have been trained in the latest techniques to recover data from a variety of storage media. We have the experience and expertise to retrieve your data from failed Hard Drives, Desktops, Laptops, External Drives, RAID, NAS & SAN, Flash Drives, SD Cards and Mac Products. 

Class 10 ISO 4 Clean Room

Recovering your data in a safe and secure manner is of utmost importance to us. We use a Class 10 Clean Room environment to open hard drives that need replacement parts. This ensures a dust free environment where parts can be replaced safely, but more importantly, protecting your precious data.

Dedicated Data Recovery Equipment

We have invested heavily in state of the art data recovery hardware and software including specialized imaging equipment to perform a forensic evaluation of your storage media. This equipment is specially designed to put the least amount of stress on an already failing drive allowing us to retrieve every possible piece of data. We are also your local Mac data recovery experts.

Great Customer Service

We are a Houston based company, so our local reputation is very important to us. That sets us apart from other 'franchised' data recovery companies. We understand that while getting your data back is the number one priority, you also need to kept informed every step of the way. If we are working on an SD Card recovery, or recovering a NAS box, you will get the same first class customer service.

Local Data Recoveries

Being based locally, we complete all recoveries at our Houston location. We don't send your data out of state. We are here to give you the fastest and most efficient service possible, while helping to support the local Houston communities.

Follow the links on the right for more information on the type of media you have, and don't forget to visit our Frequently Asked Questions section. This may help save additional data on your drive. One piece of advice we offer immediately is 'stop trying to access the media', you may be damaging the data further and lessen your chances of recovery.

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"To say I was happy with your service is a complete understatement. I was truly blessed to meet you and your staff. Your service is unique and very essential. Thanks for all your help and knowledge. You were so helpful and informative, I really appreciated your patience.
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